I returning to my home and stuck in the traffic near Delhi border. The driver of the ambulance was trying to get out of traffic jams and the patient was fighting with his illness. Some were giving space to the ambulance to get out of traffic but some people were not giving it. This shows that even today there are good people in the world and there is also a selfish person as well. It is often heard in the news that due to traffic jams, ambulance could not find the way and the patient died in the on its way.

If we all get the same thinking then how many people can survive. It seems impossible because many of us only live for our self.

Is it just 15 minutes every day we can think of others better than others? Only for 15 minutes.

What will be the difference, by thinking of someone good, by helping someone, feeding a hungry, feeding birds, we will get better in return. Trust me, I have tried and it works wonder honestly.

Sometimes I have seen on roads that some people hit the dog. Why? Do they don’t have feelings, their kids waiting behind them. Don’t they feel pain? They do but it is a pity that he can not explain his pain and nobody can understand his pain.

Each life is important that is why it is on the earth whether it would be human being, animal, mammals etc. I believe we should respect and love each and every one.

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